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“Have you ever stopped and taken a close look at what you’ve been calling anxiety


In terms of its physical reaction, it’s very close to fear – and fear is quite simply one of those rapid response states that we’ve just got to have.  A healthy fear response would be that rush of adrenalin you get as you jump back onto the footpath, narrowly avoiding being hit by that proverbial bus.  It’s a survival mechanism.


Anxiety, on the other hand, is cultivated, like a habit (not particularly scientific, but you get the point I hope?)   At the core of what’s you’ve been calling your anxiety will be an incident, moment in time or irrational decision, that garbled a fear message that you tried on for size. It seemed to fit … so you took it home. 


We will look at your particular brand of anxiety straight in the eye, asks it to present its ugly self,  then you get to see it, out in the open, for what it is. And, that’s 90% of the problem solved right there, on session one. 


If anxiety or over-anxiousness is present in your life, and you’d rather it wasn’t, Lyndall will most certainly help you overcome it