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 Are you ready to stop smoking cigarettes for good?

Do you want to be in control and feel pride in your achievement in becoming a non-smoker?

Are you sick of your money going up in smoke?

Do you want to feel, smell and look better?

Are you tired of being an outcast?

Can you feel your life force being sucked away? 


Imagine how liberating your life could be; imagine how huge a favor you will be doing to your heart and lungs. Imagine the amounts of money you will save everyday; imagine the great things you can buy with all the money you saved up!

You have one life… why not enjoy it to the fullest? Why not spend more time with your family and dear friends? Why not give your body a healthy break, start over and prove you’re made of sterner stuff?


“Lyndall Briggs is the master of “stop smoking” – at her clinic in Sydney, Australia, she’s famous for it.  In fact, I’m a stop smoking client of hers from 10 years ago.  I have not looked back for a moment.  I have not remotely felt like a cigarette since that day.  Somehow, she managed to totally re-prioritize my mind (I know there’s probably a better way to describe that, but that’s how it went for me …)


"If you’re really really ready, well done for choosing Lyndall – she really is the best.”